All bows are made by hand by Ryan Smith.  This means that even with build templates each bow is a little bit different in shape.  We like to discuss your bow with you prior to building so that if you have a specific need like extremely large hands for example, you get a bow with a larger riser grip, or vise versa.

Once you order a bow, we try to get it to you within 3 weeks.  This is not always possible to due to order quantities, wood availability etc.  99% of orders to get delivered in this amount of time.


All bows are warrantied free of craftsmanship/material defects for one year.  If there is a problem with any bow such as you feel it doesn’t fit your hand right or you just don’t like the looks of it, We will work with you to fix the problem.  If within 7 days we cant come to an agreement on how to remedy this, feel free to return the bow for a refund.  Although we have built several hundred custom bows, we feel that the only way we can continue to grow is to make sure EVERYONE who purchases a bow from righteous shot is 100% satisfied.


Once you order a bow a $100.00 deposit is required before building starts.  Most bows are design builds, so you will receive pictures and updates about veneer designs, etc.  Once the bow is complete and you are happy with the final look, we will ship your bow upon receipt of the balance due.

We currently accept personal checks, PayPal, money orders and if you live in or want to drive to Colorado…cash! No credit cards at this time but we are trying to get that set up, so stay tuned.