Our Products


We offer 3 piece takedown recurves from 56-64” in length with any draw weight you prefer.  Bows can be ordered fully customized by you down to the smallest detail or semi custom where you choose wood types and/or colors and leave the creative side to us.We will also occasionally have some stock bows on this website available for immediate purchase.


Long bows

The long bows are a reflex/deflexed design. EXTREMELY quiet and light.  You will not be disappointed in this bow!  Can be built in lengths from 56-72 inches in length.  Any poundage you prefer.



Our exotics include types such as penobscot, wabanaki, and other exotic traditional bows. We have carefully studied traditional bow making with a few native american tribes in the northeast to offer a truly special bow which honor the principles from which the design of the bow was originally produced.

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Wood Types

We stock ash, hickory, maple, birds eye maple, black walnut, peruvian walnut, purple heart, yellow heart, pauduk, zebra wood, bocote, leopardwood, wenge, and osage.  We also have readily available access to almost any type of wood you can come up with. (might affect pricing due to availability. Just call and ask!)



We offer unfinished double footed (think billiard cue joint) shafts out of your wood of choice.  Please contact us to discuss prices, and options such as sizing, spines, tapering, wood types etc.

Custom double footed arrows


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