Recurve and R/D long bows

All pricing of bows is on a per bow basis.  If you have a specific bow in mind, feel free to call or email for an exact dollar quote.  You can still get a ballpark idea of what a custom bow will cost you with the breakdown below.  All bows custom length and poundage.


Basic:  $400.00+shipping.

Riser from one type of wood, Solid color fiberglass front/back limbs, colored tips, and B50 string.


Intermediate:  $485.00+shipping

Laminated riser from 2 woods, clear glass on front over solid wood veneer, solid color glass on back, colored tips, and Astroflight string w/ silencers.


Custom:  $550.00-$625.00+shipping   (95% of the bows in gallery pics fit here)

Two wood riser w/ decorative inlays, clear glass front over two wood inlayed veneer, solid color glass on back, colored tips, and astroflight string w/ silencers.


Exotic:  $625.00 and up + shipping

Bows in this range would have intricate inlays, specialty tips/hardware, specially ordered woods etc.


$140 per 6

Custom arrows come spined within .02 and weighted within 30 gr of specs provided.  The will arrive to you laquered and swedged.  NO tips or fletching applied.  You choose wood type(spine requirements might dictate), and footing wood.


Strings ordered by length, strand count and 2 colors. All strings two bundle flemish twist.

B50:  $11.00 +shipping

Astroflight:  $ $19.00 +shipping

Add colors:  $4/color

Add loop pads:  $8